because anne lamott said so

Hi! And welcome to my fresh little corner of the endless virtual realm!

Long story short, I decided to retire The C-Word. Originally, I wrote some long-winded explanation about why but then realized that it was actually very simple. This new space was created for the same reason I began writing: BOREDOM. I was bored with that space and wanted a clean slate. This blog will be a lot of the same-- a lot of words, more photography not taken on my iPhone, less blog-ish stuff.   

Bad things can happen when one is bored, the majority of my teenage years being evidence. In this particular case, boredom not only led me to write years and years ago, but it gave me the power to express and own parts of my life that I seldom spoke of, even to those I was closest to. It allowed me to use a voice (and, as some would later flatter me, a talent) I didn't know I possessed to connect with others who wrongly assumed that they, too, were alone in the trenches.

So I kept writing. And I will keep writing. Because it feels natural to do so. Because a few people continue to read it. Because it helps me make sense of every area of my life. Because writing more makes you write better. Because I have things to say in a way that no one else has said it. Because I am set in my ways and refuse to pick up any other hobbies. Because I'm fairly good at it. 

Mainly, though, it's because I don't know how not to. 

My 29th birthday is tomorrow and to challenge myself a bit for the next year, I've decided to assign myself a little project: I will write every single day for the next 365 days. 

"write what you know. and write every day." - anne lamott (bird by bird)

And so I will.