five things from the week

Well, I'm currently in the process of consuming a cinnamon bun bigger than my head. (YOLO.) It's Friday, after all. Here are this week's five things.... 

1. This is Mo. She's doing a gymnastic floor routine in our backyard though it looks more like an interpretive modern dance performed by someone with tourettes. She's so awesome. This age is so awesome. She makes life so very awesome.  

2. Halloween 2016 in a nutshell: (1) Glitter equals anxiety. (2) When will the Elsa phase end? A better question is will it ever end? (3) Mo sorted by color and counted her candy no less than four times within 24 hours of acquiring it. I think she may suffer from either mild OCD tendencies or serious trust issues with me and her Twix bars. (4) Per Mo, we have been ordered to decorate our house next year with the most obnoxious orange lights, skeletons, graves, and blow-up goblins and ghosts next year "in order to scare away all the kids so we can keep the candy for ourselves, mom." She also suggested that I sit out on the porch to "scare the babies and parents really good if the blow-up thingy's don't work." When I asked her if I should be dressed up as something scary in order to carry out my duties, she cocked her head, looked at me through squinted eyes and said, "I don't fink so, mom. You can just dress normal and you'll scare them real good all by yourself, I know it." Well, gee, thanks, ya' terd. 

3. On Tuesday morning, my pre-ordered signed copy of Ina Garten's latest culinary masterpiece, Cooking For Jeffrey, finally arrived on my doorstep. As I assumed, it's only served to solidify my belief that she is the Julia Child of our generation. I poured over its' pages immediately after ripping open its' box, like some hormone-driven tween reading the latest issue of Tiger Beat. I even shushed Mo at one point which she wasn't very happy about. No doubt that all will be forgiven when she is sipping on some of Ina's frozen hot chocolate this weekend. 

4. Over the span of one month, Edie has mysteriously knocked out a tooth, gotten Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, cut two top canine teeth with her other two making their way up, and this week fought off a fun bout of double pink eye. (Speaking of... Have you ever tried giving a baby who is terrified of anything even remotely close to resembling medicine near her body ever since you had to hold her down to give her ear drops after her tubal procedure? It's a full-body work out. She screams NO, mah-meeee, nooooo. Peeeze noooooo! the entire time while breaking my heart simultaneously.) Seriously, though, I am pooping my pants with anticipation for flu season. 

5. Is anyone else blown away by the fact that Thanksgiving is only twenty days away?!? This year, we're hosting dinner for our entire family at our house and I'm so, so excited. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner has been a dream of mine and I finally get to do it! I'm already planning the roasted lamb-centered menu. I must confess that I kind of hate turkey. It's all because, growing up, my mom's family refused to break it to my great grandmother that her turkey was already dead before she murdered it in the oven. For over fifteen years, I pretended to enjoy that poor bird whose life was given at the expense of our bellies. Don't even get me started on her cardboard... I mean.... cornbread stuffing. Thankfully, I married a man whose Lebanese family lives for red meat and whose mother makes the best goddamned stuffing I've ever had in my life. *Tayta, if you're reading this.... I'll be more than happy to take an extra pan of stuffing as a hostess gift.