a few things I want to remember

the sound of edie calling me ama (pronounced: aaahhh maaaaa) instead of mama. hearing Mo tell me how pretty she felt the entire ride home from getting her hair cut. catching Joe looking at me with what felt like deep love and affection combined with rather carnal attraction. the satisfaction of cooking an expensive steak to the perfect medium rare temperature. being caught off guard by genuine kindness. afternoon light. three a.m. cuddle sessions with marlo after one of her supposed nightmares. landing handstand after months of work. waking up in the morning (when it is actually daylight, no less) after the first night of uninterrupted sleep in weeks. watching Mo twirl her little sister in the kitchen one rainy afternoon and realizing that THIS is why you have more than one kid. reading a book that you can't put down, that you don't mind loosing sleep in order to finish because it is THAT good. being understood and validated even if there remains a difference in opinion.