My life in pictures

If I have a chance to dress like a boy, mark my word that I will always take it. Also, pardon the severe side swoop; growing out bangs is the worst. THE WORST, I tell you. 

If two pictures could perfectly sum up the girls, these would be it: one gives all the fucks while the other couldn't be bothered to give a single fuck. They're less peas and carrots, more like sugar and spice/yin and yang/black and white versus shades of grey. 

In order to get these:

You have to take a whole bunch of these: 

I posted this photo on the Gram but it deserves further explanation here. THIS is the summation of the last nineteen months of work Joe and I have put into fostering and developing the sisterhood and friendship between Mo and Edie. To say that it has evolved is a grave understatement and one that robs Joe and I of the (quite literal) blood, sweat, and tears we put into it. When Edie was born, Mo thought she was great but only in theory. In reality, she found Edie and her high-maintenance newborn-ness to be a wart on her life of fun and the mama-single child devotion she'd experienced until that point. Her world, as she knew it, was O-V-E-R. However, over the last month, Mo has discovered not only how awesome having a sibling is, but just how specifically irresistible Edie Cooper is and that, in spite of her steadfast stubbornness, even she isn't immune to the charming web of love Edie spins for all who meet her. I can attribute this shift to many things but mostly I accredit  it to Mo being Mo. It has always taken her more time than it takes others to make her mind up about anything. But when she does, she is 100% committed. Meanwhile, Edie has been taking this opportunity to openly gloat as seriously as she takes annoying the shit out of her older sister. So, for those of you in the thick of sibling adjustment where you are wondering if it will ever get any easier or better, let this serve as hope. They all come around. Eventually. And when they do.... hold onto your ovaries.